André van Spaandonck – Priority


As a graduated 51 year old/young physical education teacher and certified fitness and health professional I’ve been promoting for more than 25 years a healthy lifestyle to kids and adults. Doing sports, in a healthy way together with others, brings a lot of positive force in your body, mind and life. This positive energy will influence your health and strengthen you also in many social  aspects.

Since I was not happy with the regular way fitness centers sell ’empty’ memberships, the service level in many training studios and the wrong physiological advises many highly paid ‘personal trainers’ give their clients, I focused more towards a new honest, safe and simple health and fitness training concept.

The moment the fitnessclub where I was working went bankrupt, the ADEM gave me the possibility to go for my dream to focus on this new future possibility. They accepted me in the F4E, fit for entrepreneurship group.

Together with the Chamber de Commerce Luxembourg, this dream has become a reality. The intensive schooling, studies and professional support of their teacher and coaching teams gave me and most of the participants an extra kick.

On Friday 26 February 2016 the mayor officially opened my first PRIORITY Health Coaching Center. An honest, clean and modern equipped studio. With, clear structured health and training programs, tought by experienced graduated teachers and certificated coaches and specialists. Selling transparent contracts. Supporting clients who focus on a healthy lifestyle and where 100% personal adapted activity plans are made, explained and tought.

In the near future living an UN-healthy lifestyle will have a higher social and financial cost. Health insurances cannot anymore cover the faster rising medical costs. Their clients, you and me, will have to participate heavyly. We will be held individually responsible for those costs and a bonus / malus system will be introduced.

At PRIORITY we are pro-active, we focus on preventive trainings, we closely follow your health progress and every 10 weeks you receive an evaluation and new living and training advice to reduce those “expensive” health risks.

I thank all teachers, coaches, planners and my partner-students for their helpful brainstorming, comments, critics and support to reach this goal.